Google warns owners their site is not mobile friendly

Google has introduced a new tool warn site owners that their site is not mobile-friendly in mobile search results. A month before the Google mobile-friendly algorithm boost, they have begun reaching out to customers to help them out. This warning is the first of it’s kind, and shows up directly in the mobile search results. It only shows up when the site owner is logged into their Google account that is connected to the Google Search Console for that site.

When a customer has a website that is not mobile friendly and they search it on Google on a mobile device, blue text pops up warning “Your page is not mobile-friendly.” Search on a desktop or searching as someone who is not the site owner will not come up with a warning.

John Mueller of Google confirmed that this is an experiment they are testing to see if it helps boost mobile-friendliness.

Google has been pushing site owners to go mobile friendly for the past couple of years, as the number of mobile searches is greater than the number of desktop searches.  And with Google increasing the mobile friendly ranking signal in May, it makes sense that Google is adding this extra reminder to site owners to ensure their site is mobile friendly and receives the boost.

This alert was likely created to help customers who do not regularly check their Google Search Console account.

If you have a site that has not been upgraded to be mobile-friendly, Google is here to remind you. Having a mobile site is extremely important, as many customers will only view your site on a phone or tablet. Mobile-friendly sites rank higher in Google, and is a great way to improve your SEO.


Whether your site is e-commerce or informational, you want to make browsing as easy as possible for potential customers – especially action-oriented mobile visitors. Adding click-to-call numbers, driving app integration, and generally making your site easier to maneuver on mobile will only help your sales.

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