Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Site


In ecommerce, your website can make or break a sale. It’s typically the only interaction a customer will have with your brand, so it needs to be perfect. There are many factors that will influence a customers decision to stay on your website and make a purchase, so let’s go through and see if your site is up to par.



Ecommerce site users prefer in-depth descriptions, customer reviews and ratings, and value their thoroughness. According to NN Group, when looking at Amazon’s product pages, for example, “only 18 percent of the viewing time [is] spent on the photos, while 82 percent [is] spent on the text.” Obviously photos are necessary, but users depend on detailed product insights to make an educated decision. If you focus solely on visuals, the customer will not be impressed.



If your checkout process is overly complicated, most users will have no qualms with abandoning their cart and finding another site. The final purchasing steps need to be simple, user-friendly, and non-distracting. Be careful that you are not overwhelming, confusing, or discouraging shoppers from continuing , otherwise they may get frustrated and leave.


The key is to streamline the process and get rid of as many fields as possible.



Customers want to picture themselves using the product, so providing a variety of images is crucial. This can be properly done by showing the product in various positions, angles and uses. Having the ability to easily zoom in and out of photos is also valuable since users can learn more about features specific to their needs. Customers are accustomed to viewing multiple photos, so only having one could lose their interest.



You might be the most trustworthy company in the world, but if your site fails to express that, customers will move on. Your brand’s site should reflect yoru mission and values, and be authentic. Share content that works with your audience’s worries, motivations and insecurities regarding your product.  Providing customers reviews, public recognitions, and relatable company stories, will help the customer develop trust in your brand.


According to a survey by customer generated marketing platform Yotpo, out of 600 online shoppers 77.3 percent said that reviews impact their decision to make a purchase. So taking the time to get reliable and organic reviews from your customers is well worth the effort



A sketchy looking website will immediately send a red flag to a visitor. It could be missing a logo, have lots of grammar and spelling mistakes, or just lack good design. At sight of these, a modern customer will leave. This is why first impressions are everything, which, for an ecommerce business, is the look and feel of the website. Make sure it looks highly professional, including its design, mobile performance, and checkout forms.



Users are accustomed to browsing websites on their mobile devices, so it’s crucial that your site is fully optimized in this regard. It’s important to compare the mobile and desktop versions of your site to ensure that they’re both easy to navigate and enjoyable to use. Plus, Google is on their way to making mobile-friendly sites mandatory, so make sure yours is ready to go, or risk SEO penalization.


Follow these steps to evaluate your website. If you find it exhibits some of these dangerous behaviors, contact GiraffeBuilder for an on-site consultation about your website.

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