Let’s Finish the Year Strong!


As 2016 comes to a close, there’s a lot of motivation to finish the year strong and get a great start on 2017. Especially as an entrepreneur, finishing things up for your business and preparing to move forward in the new year can be an exciting yet stressful time. Both in your life and your business, here are six things you can do to feel good by December 31.



Been meaning to clean out a closet, take your car to the mechanic, or fix a broken shelf? Get those things done! A lot of brain power is getting taken up with anxiety for those little things we forget to take care of. They may be small, but you’ll feel a huge sense of relief once they’re complete and off your mind.


Think of December 31 as your final deadline. Get things done! Imagine how good you’ll feel by starting the new year without any past-due items.  Next time you think about doing something you’ve been putting off, notice what you say to yourself about it. Instead of giving yourself excuses, remind yourself of the benefits of completing that task now.



Find time to connect with friends, family, and also yourself. The holidays may be a vacation, but they can still be stressful with travel, houseguests, gifts to purchase, kids underfoot, etc. But it’s so important to take a break. Spend an afternoon reading a book, take a long walk, or call a friend that makes you laugh. Rejuvenating for the new year can do wonders for your mental health and the health of your business.



Volunteer, bring a gift to a friend or neighbor, purchase toys for homeless children, whatever makes your heart happy. This is the season of giving, so take the time to give back.  Making the world a better place and being a little selfless can give you some much-needed perspective.



The end of the year can be stressful for employers and employees alike. If you’ve got a team, boost them up for the end of the year as well. Give out hand written notes or gift cards, throw a small holiday event, or something else to show your appreciation for their hard work. It’s also important to give them the ability to step away and recharge if necessary, so they can be as productive and inspired as possible.



You don’t have to wait until January 1st to make some lifestyle changes. To finish the year strong, make some strategic changes to some of the habits you know are holding you back. Wake up earlier, go out and exercise, take time for your family, procrastinate less.  When you find the motivation to make these changes before the clock strikes midnight, keeping up these resolutions will be easier than ever.


Remember that the holiday season and the end of the year should be a joyous time. As important it is to finish up loose ends and work hard, take time to enjoy these days. Spend time with family and friends, recharge, and get ready to move forward into 2017! If you need any help with your small business digital marketing strategy, website, or SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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