Danny Alsaffar CEO, GiraffeBuilder Announces Acquisition of Trademark

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GiraffeBuilder, a Los Angeles-based web development and design company, is proud to announce the acquisition of its trademark. In a city whose population swells from 60,618 to more than 500,000 during the day, according to the DCBID DTLA Demographic Study 2013, Giraffe Builder is a game changer. This is because of the driven and focused serial entrepreneur and visionary at the company’s helm, founder and CEO, Danny Alsaffar.

Originally hailing from the global business powerhouse of Dubai, the largest city in one of the world’s most rapidly developing countries, Danny Alsaffar brings with him more than 20 years of diverse experience. Danny Alsaffar moved to the United Kingdom and was educated at De Montfort University, obtaining degrees in applied science and psychology. He credits his diverse and extensive international experience for fueling his creative vision and ability to drive GiraffeBuilder to fill the voids within the market. Rather than simply being a typical web design agency, Giraffe Builder is a visionary company that sees a future in which Downtown Los Angeles is a haven for tech businesses with the city positioned as the next Silicon Heights.

Danny Alsaffar has proven that his vision is one that leads industries. He is LEED certified and a previous owner of a sustainability tech startup that used LEED methodologies to create sustainable models, round table methods and related solutions. He previously owned and operated a consulting firm in Downtown Los Angeles that worked with corporations throughout the nation.

Danny Alsaffar was also the driving force behind Merchants Made Simple LLC, a company that provided small retail and ecommerce businesses the merchant solutions that meet their needs. By providing access to retail merchant services, mobile payments through iPhone, Authorize.net and terminals at affordable rates, Merchants Made Simple bridged the gap between big brand solutions and small businesses. Danny Alsaffar used his experience from breaking new ground with Merchants Made Simple to force a market change within the web design industry by offering whole, big-brand website solutions for small businesses that elevate their brands while increasing exposure and sales.

Danny Alsaffar couples his vast understanding of the psychology of sales with his expansive and diverse international experience. He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies like Sony DNA in Japan and developed a multitude of extensive connections and business relationships in Dubai, the United Kingdom and across the globe. He has a deep comprehension of what drives audiences to act.

The company’s turn-key web design solutions offer its clients the ability to obtain comprehensive solutions that develop and grow their brands. Located in the epicenter of today’s business world, Giraffe Builder and Danny Alsaffar are ushering in a new era of web design services.

For more information or to contact Danny Alsaffar and Giraffe Builder:

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