In a harsh economy small business owners struggle to stay afloat. Bringing in as many customers as possible through all avenues is essential. However, small business owners continually overlook a major aspect of finding and bringing in new customers. All too often when times are tough small business owners cut out what they deem unnecessary components of running a business. This includes their budget for creativity. The need for graphic designers appears to be an expense that is not warranted and is thus cut. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Graphic designers can play an essential role in engaging and retaining loyal customers.

First Impressions Count

A customer’s first impression is what will determine if they will stay or move on to the next business. In a study conducted by Adobe, over 50% of consumers prefer to visit a website that is beautifully designed. With percentages like that it is obvious that a professional designer can instantly attract and keep customers through their artistry. Without a well built website small businesses could be missing out on 59% of potential customers.

Logo Design

Secondly, a designer can offer a small business that does not have any brand name recognition a chance to tell their story through their logo. A well thought out logo design can suggest to the customer what type of business they are, their history, and beliefs. In example, take the original small business design of Starbucks. A twin tailed mermaid or siren from Greek mythology who was said to lure sailors to an island. Although mermaids have nothing to do with coffee the maritime theme, uniqueness, and lure of the mermaid drew in customers to what is now one of the most recognizable logos in history.

Staying Consistent

What can be the most important aspect of compelling graphic design work is it’s effectiveness in consistency. A professional graphic designer will carry themes, color schemes, and typeface across all facets of a business promotional items, storefronts, and the like. This benefits the business in creating a recognizable brand that customers can trust and count on, not to mention a brand that emanates professionalism.

Quality Above All Else

Finally spending the money on a professional graphic designer is well worth saving the trouble of rebranding down the line after previous attempts to create the brand have failed. Rebranding looses customer focus and having to do so costs just as much as if it were done professionally upfront. A quality design will last and grow with the business and not set it back as it evolves.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from hiring or employing a graphic designer and should make them a priority in their business. A graphic designer can engage new customers and bring in sales. So if a small business is seeking to make cuts, instead make the investment in the brand that can take the business to new heights by hiring a professional graphic designer.

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